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Skate Vlog

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Skate Vlog

Post  Wilder on Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:28 pm

I'm gonna try and bring my new camera to every session and make a short film for each one, making sort of a skateboard journal.

Here's the first three.

Skate Vlog #1, 3/14/09: Rainy day fun (and carnage) from Shane Donogh on Vimeo.

Since I got a new camera, I've decided to start filming every skate session and keep somewhat of a "skate journal". So here's the first installment.

Kyle and me go fast in the rain, scope out a new hill, then meet Elijah, Alan, Jordan, and Miles for some corner sessions.

Skate Vlog #2, 3/16/09: Gettin' muddy. from Shane Donogh on Vimeo.

Not quite skateboarding, but boarding related and just as fun/punishing.

My friends Nate, Steve, and Jeff had recently built some jumps for their dirtbikes, and naturally I was thinking about mountainbiarding with them. I used to be really into mountainboarding before I started longboarding more, and figured it would come back to me quickly. It didn't. Although I landed the small jump both times, I had some trouble with the downhill section. Now I remember how unforgiving MTB'n is, but I plan on doing more and getting good at it again. Def' gotta set those jumps up at different spots and working on some style again.

The video end's with a couple dirtbike jumps on the bigger ramps that were built. Good times.

Skate Vlog #3, 3/19/09: Loneboarding from Shane Donogh on Vimeo.

One new spot and one old. There's something thereputic about skating, sliding, slipping and falling in the wet spring weather by your lonesome.

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Re: Skate Vlog

Post  John B on Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:20 am

50mph in the rain is crazy fast! i also like the slip in the 3ed vid, that was funny.
John B

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Re: Skate Vlog

Post  Revolutionist on Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:43 pm

Good work Shane. Apparently the rain hasn't stopped you from getting out and riding. It is awesome to hear that you picked up your own video camera. I look forward to seeing more video from Seattle.

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Re: Skate Vlog

Post  billy_the_kid on Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:40 am

i finally got around to watching all the vlogs and they are pretty bitchin. i definitely have not been skating much this winter. good to see people are still out shredding it up.


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Re: Skate Vlog

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